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Product | VETIGEL®

VETIGEL® is a prescription hemostatic gel for veterinary use only. VETIGEL® helps control bleeding in animals by achieving hemostasis in seconds. For additional information, refer to Instructions for Use.

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icon of a scar and blood drop on a blue background.

Stops bleeding in seconds

When applied to a wound, VETIGEL® controls bleeding on contact

Plant icon on a blue background to symbolize our plant-based hemostatic gel solution


All VETIGEL® proprietary polymers are derived from non-animal sources

DNA icon on a blue background to show that our hemostatic gel is biocompatible


VETIGEL® was subjected to applicable ISO 10993 testing and interpreted for veterinary use

Dots on a blue background representing our flowable hemostatic gel solution


As a gel, VETIGEL® can conform to a wide range of wound geometries

hand icon on a blue background crossed to significances that our hemostatic gel requires no manual pressure.

No manual pressure needed

VETIGEL® creates a mechanical seal by applying its own pressure

clock icon on a blue background to show that our hemostatic gel requires no preparation

No preparation

VETIGEL® is supplied in a pre-filled syringe that is ready to use immediately

"I used it on a maxillary cancer site surgery to stop the palatine artery bleed, it worked very well. The dog is doing well. Dx Amelanotic Melanoma."

Dr. Surgeon, DVM, FAD, DiplAVDC

"VETIGEL Dental is easy to handle. The gel conforms into the extraction sites easily with an applicator, so no more attempting to cut [foam] to the right size and trying to stuff it into the sites. VETIGEL has great hemostatic properties. It has become a must-have for our advanced dental cases."

Dr. Yoshida, DVM

"After trying VETIGEL, I couldn't be happier.  With our previous products you had to jam the sponge into the bleeding cavity and still apply pressure for a few minutes to get it to work and then inevitably, it would fall out when you looked away.  With VETIGEL I just instill it into the pocket and it sticks perfectly.  No needed time for pressure application and it doesn't come out until you want to rinse it.  Great hemostatic properties keep my field clear of blood and allow me to continue to work efficiently.  I can't imagine going back to anything else."

Dr. Berk, DVM

"We have been using VETIGEL® Dental during our dental procedures and are very satisfied with the results.  The ease of application into the dental socket and the speed of which hemostasis occurs is impressive. With the speed of action, it enables us to suture and visualize better. In the past we have used dental cubes and found them to not be very user friendly....either they disintegrated or dislodged."

Elaine Rotunda, LVT