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Dr. Marting Young

Listen to Martin Young’s, DVM DACVIM experience using VETIGEL in disc and brain surgeries.

Dr. Peter Haase

"Once in a while you get the hemilaminectomy that just bleeds and bleeds and you try to get bone wax in there or you try to use other hemostatic products and they just don’t do it. Just like in the video you showed, I applied the VETIGEL and when I looked at the clock after a few minutes, the bleeding had stopped"

Dr. Ann Marie Woyma

“Amputations are a common procedure for us to do. VETIGEL is great for these cases because you get lots of little bleeders in the muscle and in the areas of trauma. It cuts out a significant portion of time during surgery when we are able to just apply the gel”.​

Dr. Diane Young

Dr. Diane Young explains how VETIGEL has changed the way she treats FIV positive cats.

"The other stages where I did not have the gel were horrible. My trash bag was full of bloody gauzes".

Dr. Jan Bellows

“The dog received 12 extractions. In each extraction, we placed VETIGEL right after we took out the tooth. Bleeding stopped immediately. In our practice now we are going to be using VETIGEL on every extraction”

Dr. Mario Cabrera

"VETIGEL® makes surgery so much easier because you don't have this bloody field. In the time that I've been using it, it's been a great tool, and it really gives you peace of mind having something there that is going to work immediately and stop the bleeding"

Dr. William Fleury

“You can take a dab of this product and put it in that general area, and I've seen it stops some relatively significant bleeders”

Dr. Dan Danner

"We did an excision and it was nothing but bleeding and oozing from the first scalpel incision. [...] I grabbed the VETIGEL, made an application, and within 5-10 seconds, it was quiet."

Dr. Charles Berk

“I have used VETIGEL for dentals and I really love it. Previous products we used were difficult, we had to cut the little piece off, hold it in place, it really slows you down, and all of the sudden you look down and it’s gone again. VETIGEL basically prevents that problem”​

Dr. Tony Kahn

“VETIGEL is really an anxiety reducing tool to be able to call upon when you get into a bind with the bleed during surgery”

Dr. Kahn used VETIGEL on a Popliteal Artery Transection, TPLO.

Dr. Lisa Kaminski

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