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VETIGEL Hemostatic Kit

VETIGEL (2 syringes)



VETIGEL KIt bundle (4 for the price of 3)

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Dr. Yoshida, DVM

VETIGEL is easy to handle. The gel conforms into the extraction sites easily with an applicator, so no more attempting to cut [foam] to the right size and trying to stuff it into the sites. VETIGEL has great hemostatic properties. It has become a must-have for our advanced dental cases

Dr. Surgeon, DVM, FAD, DiplAVDC

I used it on a maxillary cancer site surgery to stop the palatine artery bleed, it worked very well. The dog is doing well. Dx Amelanotic Melanoma.

Dr. Charles Berk, DVM

I couldn't be happier. With our previous products you had to jam the sponge into the bleeding cavity and still apply pressure for a few minutes to get it to work and then inevitably, it would fall out when you looked away. With VETIGEL I just instill it into the pocket and it sticks perfectly.

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